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Coronavirus, your financial plan, and the markets

In this quickly-changing world, it's easy to become inundated with news, information and opinions ranging from uplifting to disheartening.  I'd like to share a few links from respected thought leaders and other outlets that may give you some perspective on how current events are shaping your portfolio and how you should react to those events.  Of particular note, I've received excellent feedback from clients on the webcast hosted by Dimensional Funds on 3/13.  I hope you find some good and helpful information here.

CNBC (6/3) -Why the stock market is up amid chaos in the streets

MarketWatch (5/3) - The stock market's rallying while the economy's tanking - it all makes perfect sense

Dimensional Fund Advisors (4/17) - Insights from a Transformed Investor with David Goetsch (video 37 min)

Dimensional Fund Advisors (4/2) - Leading Labor Economist Professor Ed Lazear on COVID-19 (video 48 min)

CNN (4/1) - Nobel prize-winning economist: The relief package turned out better than I thought it would

CNBC (3/25) - Bernanke: Coronavirus disruptions ‘much closer to a major snowstorm’ than the Great Depression

The Guardian (3/23) - Don’t panic over your 401(k)! It’s time to emotionally distance from the markets

CNBC (3/22) - Why long-term investors should never sell stocks in a panic

CNBC (3/22) - Suze Orman: How to handle fear and make smart money moves during the coronavirus crisis

L.A. Times (3/20) - The stock market crashed five times before coronavirus. Those disasters can show us how to face this one

Fortune (3/18) - Famed economist Robert Shiller doesn’t think we are headed for another Great Recession

Kiplinger (3/18) - Warren Buffett's Famous Saying Bears Repeating Now

Washington Post (3/16) - How do you not panic about what’s happening to your retirement account? Just don’t look. (paywall)

Vanguard (3/16) - Perspective amid the coronavirus outbreak (PDF)

Dimensional Fund Advisors (3/13) - Perspective on Recent Market Volatility (Video 38 min)

CNBC (3/12) - The most important things to do with your money during the coronavirus outbreak, according to 5 financial advisors

The Atlantic (3/9) - The Stock Market Is Tanking. Do Nothing.

Marketwatch Mark Hulbert (12/2019) - Why retirees shouldn’t fear a bear market