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We Always Never Know What’s Going to Happen

Facebook, Europe, interest rates, bonds, the economy – it turns out that not many people called any of these right!

If you see my previous post, I delineate the trajectory that we all thought Facebook would take.  And on last Friday, we saw the market get pummeled and all thought that this week would show more of the same.  But we were wrong on both accounts!

And if I were a betting man, I would have that after a huge run up last year (and the two previous years), that DISPX(Inflation-protected bond) would be looking grim in 2012.  But as of 6/6, the fund is up 4.82% ytd which is definitely not “grim.”

Fortunately, we don’t let guesses and prognostication get the best of us and we make sure that our clients remain diversified and properly allocated.  And although the markets haven’t been a heck of a lot of fun, we’ve kept our clients in their seats and positioned for when the economic pressures ease.