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What to do in a Certain Market

I'm tired of reading about what to do in "this uncertain market."   And by "this" I mean "every."  Does anyone remember the last time we had a "certain market?" The last time I recall a certain market was in 1998 and 1999.  That's when we were certain that the market was going to keep giving us huge returns with this newfangled internet and all the riches and Italian sportscars we would all have by just buying into the Nasdaq stocks.  Up and up it went, and it was all perfect - until it wasn't. 

Friday, March 10, 2000.  The NASDAQ hits a high of 5048.62.  A year later: 2111.63.   I'll save you the math, that's a loss of over 58%.  For an even more sobering number, try this:  How much (in percentage) would the NASDAQ have to go up just to get back to it's former peak? The answer: 72%.   So please Mr. Media stop talking about "uncertain markets." By definition, the market has risk and risk is uncertainty.   Invest your money in an intelligent, diversified manner and let capitalism work through the markets to grow your capital.