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Your security is important!

We value the privacy of your personal information and strive to provide you the most secure and simple methods to share your documents securely with Springboard.  We offer you two potential methods for your convenience:

If you are a current wealth management client of Springboard, we recommend using your vault in your client portal, which is found at the third tab in the portal navigation bar.  If you're on a PC, simply drag-and-drop your document(s) to the browser page, then press the Start button.  If drag-and-drop is not available or convenient, simply click the "Upload" button on the top left corner, select your document(s), and press the Start button. Once the document(s) are uploaded, Springboard will immediately be notified.

Whether you are a client or prospect, you can use our secure Sookasa upload page to send your document(s) to us. Springboard will immediately be notified of the document posting.

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions about the process.